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The Journal of Community Informatics (JoCI) has as its mission to present the work of those undertaking research in the area of Community Informatics (CI) which in turn is concerned with enabling communities with ICT. The Journal thus is meant to provide a forum for the creation of a professional and critical discourse on the strategies and impacts of this enterprise; to help create a framework and a legitimation for those who choose this as the focus of their professional efforts; and to act as one hub among many for linking the various networks of those with interests related to community-based technologies. The Journal has as a primary component professional peer-reviewed papers as a means to create and carry-forward a tradition of the highest quality and broadest base of systematic research. It also includes an opportunity for discussion and feedback from practitioners and policy analysts as to the application and significance of this research for practice and policy. The Journal finally, looks to act as a focal point for the broader range of professional but non-academic research with a concern for CI.

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