Page stewards: Aldo de Moor, Steve Thompson

The wiki is created by the community, for the community. Members can play the active roles of admins or page stewards.
  • Wiki admins ensure that the technology behind the website works, plan the overall structure of the content, and monitor the overall operations of the knowledge base.
  • People admins invite people, introduce them to the wiki and help out with questions.
  • Page stewards are responsible for creating and maintaining the content of a particular page.

Each role can be played by more than one person. If you want to join, please contact a current admin or steward and s/he will introduce you to what is expected of you. People's names are listed in alphabetical order by surname. Preferably, each role is played by at least two persons. The main contact(s) is/are the person(s) primarily responsible for the wiki, people registration, or page and indicated by an "(*)" sign. If no such sign is indicated, there is no preference in whom to contact.

On this page, you can find the people responsible for running the Living Knowledge Base. Please get involved yourself, and accept responsibility as an admin or a page stewards, especially if there are vacancies. All people playing the same role have equal responsibilities and rights and should reach decisions in consensus.

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  • Larry Stillman
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