Anna Malina

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I'm a Researcher, part-time academic and also currently working part-time with a small local authority based in the Lake District, developing consultation practice. My PhD (2001) looked at new media, community participation and significance of online interaction for communities. I'm interested in everything to do with community participation, digital inclusion, citizenship and socio-political interaction, both on and offline. I recently organised a conference on new media, also a council led youth participation project using a video booth with lap-top and webcam to capture young people's opinions on an important local economic development. Video stuff all a bit experimental but we put together a series of clips in a short video - Budget cuts, no money, little understanding and little practical support, so continuing to make short, simple participatory videos as building blocks to capture young people's opinions. I'm also revising the Council's Public Engagement and Participation Strategy, creating a new Participation Handbook and devising new Monitoring and Evaluation procedures, also compiling an Action Plan to implement everything.