4 Libraries & a Pub

Main Country of Operation: UK
Other Countries of Operation: N/A
Contact: Steve Thompson
Home page: http://destinations.uk.com/outreach/


For more details on this project read the overview My part in the project will be exploring further some experimental work we began with the libraries using a range of Google products in an endeavour to make the libraries more effective digitally and to seek to work smarter and become more viable using new technology. I will keep an account of how things develop on this page and will keep a reverse chronological blog type Journal so that the most recent developments are at the top.


These will be written "blog like" in reverse chronological order.

12/02/2012 Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

This group is also associated with Lofus Library and connected via the Community History Network.


This group has had a website set up by the former chair who is now retired (see right). For a long time they have been unable to edit this website and approached me to do something about this. We have set up some webspace currently shared with two other community groups. This space will eventually replace and become East Cleveland Online and will eventually be the web home of up to 20 community projects. By sharing the cost of hosting in this way they will be more sustainable.

I set up a CMS system using Wordpress and a volunteer at the Museum spent some time adding content. When the site was ready to go live we needed to transfer the domain name and change the DNS settings. This always filled with problems. Eventually I visited the home of the retired chair and made the changes. These changes did not at first "take" requiring him to make a call to the Philippines where his ISP has their call centre eventually the domain name propagated and the new website can be seen here http://ironstonemuseum.co.uk - next will come training sessions with the staff and volunteers and we'll be looking to make the site more vibrant and possibly include some social media marketing.

12/02/2012 Skinningrove History Group

This group are associated with Lofus Library which hosts the famous East Cleveland Image Archive
and are connected via the Community History Network.

6 people turned up for the session. They would be the first to admit that they are low level ICT users. Two had no email address and one had never been on the Internet before. The session started badly. There was a mountain of paperwork to do as I was working with this group under the UK online project but also wearing my ERDF hat. The logging on system at the local centre was a nightmare too. I gave everyone a http://commarch.net account which is a Google Apps Educational edition allowing me to create unlimited accounts. The idea is that by pre-populating various web accounts and using the "magic password" I've developed this should make life easier for the new user even if it is a hassle for me. This was compounded when the users also had to log on to the computers but using a slightly varied password. To my mind there is way too much logging on. When all this was over we took a break and began afresh. We had a brill session. The fun they all had particularly the man on the Internet was a joy to behold. We did an exercise collaborating on a Google Doc which was hilarious. I did not let them loose on their new website yet but this will come. http://eastcleveland.org.uk/skinningrovehistory

Update 03/11/2011

I ran a session for "Friends of Ormesby Library" today. Sadly only 4 people turned up but they were enthusiastic. My next task is to reconfigure the Ormesby Library website so the group can use it.

Update 14/11/2011

We're starting to consider the online quiz and I've put up a page to collect questions for this as the demand for new questions is a heavy demand on time and resources. I've also posted the video I used in Prato as an example of cultural exchanges using Google Hangout. Click here


This project provides Outreach from Destinations@Saltburn UK online centre (Telecenter) to four libraries and a pub in Redcar and Cleveland. The pub is the Toad Hall Arms in Moorsholm and the libraries are: Ormesby, Guisborough, Loftus and Marske. Funded by the Nominet Trust, this is a UK online outreach project to support organisations delivering new digital inclusion activities to new audiences in interesting and innovative locations and will aim to reach people who are not yet online introducing them to “Go On” which is designed to help people who have never used a computer before to make those first steps and then learn how to do a variety of stuff online.

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