Telecenters to Programa Quiero Mi Barrio

Main Country of Operation: Chile
Contact: Rodrigo Garrido
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Telecenters to Programa Quiero Mi Barrio is a national initiative of digital inclusion whom main purpose is to increase the level of ICT social appropriation of the inhabitantes in the two hundred poorest chilean neigborhoods on the basis of Telecenters, which are managed by an infomediary who is supported from researchers in fieldwork.

The main features for the infomediaries are their socio affective skills as well as their links with the communities, since the infomediaries will be selected from the local community. Complementary, the infomediaries will attend a continuous training programm, which involves technical, social and pedagogical areas.

Coordinated and funded by the undersecretary of telecomunication in alliance with a national network of five universities with wide background in digital inclusion and information literacy projects, this initiative will be carried out from 2009 until 2012, on the basis of linkage three models, namely: ICT social appropriation, sustainability of telecenters (social, technological, financial and political) and management and monitoring.

Currently this initiative is focused on a phase of information in the neighborhoods through local meetings with neighbours and civil society organizations. The methodological approach for this study is participatory action research, which is the base of ICT social appropriation model that enable highlight the voices of the communities through processes of empowerment and ICT capacity buildings their.