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CIRN Conferences & Workshops

This page contains conferences and events organized directly within the scope of CIRN.conferences were previously listed at but from now the site is redirected to here.

One of the key features of the conferences over the years has been informality and collegiality: an attempt to bring together people from many different countries (often 20 or more at an event), including many PhD students.

The first CIRN conference was held in late 2004, following the the Many Voices, Many Places Colloquium at the Monash Centre, Prato, Italy in September 2003. The Monash Centre is ideally suited for a small intimate events. Since then, Prato conferences have been held nearly every year, with other events in Cape Town and Brighton (UK) associated with the CIRN network, as well as associated workshops in Porto, Milton Keynes (Open University) and Montpellier.

Quite a comprehensive list of CIRN-related conferences and workshops can be found here. A selection plus additional materials:

CIRN-associated events:
  • Porto workshop 2007: the original site is no longer available, but through the miracle of technology, pages can be accessed through Be patient and let the pages load. It is a big warehouse in cyberspace.
  • Open University workshop 2005: through a similar technological miracle, the pages are available on
  • Montpellier OTM workshop 2006. Proceedings available in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4277 Springer 2006, ISBN 3-540-48269-5 Workshop wiki (a nice discovery, since it was 'lost')

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