Information about Prato, travel, accommodation

Please see the Monash University Prato Centre for general information.

Additional travel and tourism information will be made available as the conference nears. The Centre is just off the main piazza of a small Tuscan town. It is close to Italian transport hubs including Pisa and Florence airports. The location of the Monash Centre is described on the Monash website. The nearest airports are Pisa and Florence airports, and you can get to Prato by train from Rome in about 2 ½ hours. Please note that we are not in a position to recommend particular airlines or airports, or to provide train schedules. See for train information. Trenitalia often has great bargains if you book Frecciarossa (highspeed trains) between major cities well in advance. This will help keep your costs down.

Prato has many reasonably priced hotels, and many people stay at the Flora or Giardino Hotels. Some semi-serviced apartments may be available at Residence Manassei or Residence Accademia and other newer locations. There is also a thriving and growing bar scene around the campus. Refer to the Monash Website for accommodation information The centre of Prato is quite small. Students can stay at the Calamai Riverside Apartments. Refer to this information. Prato is also rich in museums, churches, and other cultural and culinary treasures, without the crowds.

All travel & participation decisions are made at your own risk and the organizers accept no responsibility. We cannot arrange accommodation or travel. Please try to use web resources to find answers to such questions before sending an email to us! The program is also subject to change. Please also note that obtaining visas (if you require one) is your responsibility and confirmed registration and hotels are required. If you require a letter from the Conference, this should be organised well in advance of travel, and payment must be received beforehand.