Adventures in Community Media

Main Country of Operation: UK
Other Countries of Operation: potential synergies and collaborations
Contact: Steve Thompson
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At the CIRN 2011 conference in Prato I presented 4 projects that were at the time in embreo form. I promised to keep an account of their development here and this to a large extent I have done. Now these projects have advanced a fair bit and other connected projects have begun. I'm not labouring under the conceit that the world needs to hear about these developments but since I have to write reports on what I do I may as well enter the stories here where the odd chance passer by may find them interesting.

CIRN 2011 follow the projects presented -> 12 Villages, 4 Libraries & a Pub, CRaNE, Drama in The Dale.

Since I presented those 4 projects at CIRN 2011 I have naturally started to develop other projects. Some are worthy of mention here and some are directly connected to the 4 above.

Skinningrove History Group, and Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum are both connected to 4 Libraries & a Pub and other developments perhaps worth writing up are KFK, TMA and Straad 2012 - more later.