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Handling New Membership Requests

When a New Membership Request arrives, do the following:
  1. Add the request to the Google Spreadsheet Membership to CIRN Knowledge Base (be sure you have notifications turned on, there, so you will know when it has been changed)
  2. Check the request to see if has been made by a real person - not a troll trying to destroy our wiki.
  3. If you conclude it is a real person, and the request seems serious, approve the request (following the link in the e-mail or at the Manage members page)
  4. Add the new member to the listserv
  5. Send a Welcome message (via e-mail)
  6. Check the corresponding cells in the spreadsheet document

Processing New People and Project Profiles

When a new project profile or people profile page appears at the top of the projecs or people pages do the following:

  1. Edit the page in question and remove the “people” or the “project” tag.
  2. Replace with “peop south africa” (or whatever country) or “proj united kingdom” (or whatever country) tag. If a project is deemed to be truly world wide then add the tag "proj global".
  3. If the the tag you use has been used earlier for other people or projects then you need do no more and the page will go to its proper place on the People or Projects pages. Please go to step 8 below.
  4. If no page has been previously tagged with this country scroll down to the country in question.
    NB this must be done twice for either people or projects
    for people: (1) (2) the region specific people page
    for projects: (1) (2) the region specific project page.
  5. Add a wikispaces widget “List wiki pages”
  6. Increase the page count to 99
  7. List pages tagged….. add the above tag eg “proj united kingdom”
  8. Now continue with the Style Guide for New People and Project Pages
  9. Send an acknowledgment to the registered person.

Style Guide For New People and Project Pages

We are applying a style to the people and project pages which makes them stand out a little better. This looks slightly more effective in Firefox than it does in IE. Unfortunately there is no easy or automated way to do this so you may choose to leave this step to a "Super Admin". Once a particular country entry has been populated and styled it need not be done again.=
  1. Having added a Wiki List Pages Widget as in the steps above whilst still in edit mode click in [Text Editor] in the tool bar.
  2. An un-styled entry will look like this:
    [[include component="pageList" tag="proj chile" limit="99" ]]
    [[All Projects|back to top]]
  3. You need to add the following code before the "include component" section
    <span style="background-color: #d7d4d5; font-size: 110%;">
  4. After the section limit ="99" add this code
  5. Finally a fully styled entry will look like the code below (compare with un-styled code in step 2 above)
    <span style="background-color: #d7d4d5; font-size: 110%;">
    [[include component="pageList" tag="proj chile" limit="99" ]]</span>
    [[All Projects|back to top]]
  6. Click on "save" and enjoy your handiwork.

Video Showing This Process